When clients come back happy about their holiday travel experience we feel personally fulfilled in knowing our job has been accomplished, it’s what we do and enjoy. The following are some extracts from our wonderful client letters, emails to even postcards over recent times. Thank you to all for allowing us to publish your holiday memories.

Here's what some of our clients say about our holiday design travel agency services:

"I am the first person to admit it when I don't know something and that is why I always go to Charisse for my travel bookings. Her knowledge is AMAZING! She asks all the right questions so she can tailor our holiday to exactly what I need, and she always gets it right. Efficient, friendly, knowledgeable. Charisse has it all. I recommend her to all my Auckland friends. Thanks for being so amazing Charisse! 
Katie Jones

"I have spent almost 25 years working in a PA capacity and have been a client of many different and varied travel agents during that time.  My experience with most of them has been underwhelming, to say the least.  That is, until, Emma Neely-Bartlett came into my world.  Fantastic!  I have a well travelled CEO with high expectations and who demands top quality travel experiences and Emma has not let me down.  Emma’s extensive global knowledge and extraordinary attention to detail ensures that every trip goes off without a hitch and the feedback from my CEO and his family is always glowing.   I have referred many of my colleagues to Emma and they too have been pleasantly surprised with the high level of travel agency services from the Escape Beyond team.  Highly recommended!"
Michelle Donaldson

“Recently Sandra organized a top holiday getaway for myself and my family, and at very little notice. I was greatly impressed with the care she took to get every detail of our trip right correct and perfectly tailored to our needs. After that experience with a travel agency, I wouldn’t trust our precious holiday time or my hard earned savings to anyone else. She‘s the best in the biz – bar none!”
Peter Grasse

"I'm known for being very picky and changing my mind. Sandra has been a great help because she takes it all in her stride and comes up with travel solutions to my impossible demands. And when I had a problem with a recent hotel visit, she was on to the hotel management within minutes – even though I was on the other side of the world." 
Peter Yole