Corporate Savings - Do you have full control of your spend?

Travel Beyond Business Management team have the travel experience which enables us to think strategically in partnership with our clients to guarantee a return on their investment (ROI).

Our account managers pro-actively work with our clients on tactical ideas to unlock those undiscovered saving opportunities or process efficiencies. Though we also value that every clients company, divisions, and their travel program will differ slightly to maintain your competitive advantage and therefore we do not believe in a one size fits all solution. We believe some TMC benchmarking data should be taken with a grain of salt, especially if you do not 'own' the data, we have all heard "the numbers do not tell the true story".

By investing quality time with your stakeholders at the start, truly understanding your company’s dynamics, we develop best practice and current strategies that take your program and policies to the next level, execute them with precision, supported by training and then ensure a proactive partnership for continuous improvement.

So whether your companies travel program has not been reviewed for some time or you are not getting treated as an important individual account with your current Travel Agency, we spend the time to develop a true business partnership that adds real value and transparency.


Need to reduce your supplier costs?

By concentrating on incremental savings on your largest components of spend (Air, hotels & car hire), we ensure a return on investment (ROI) when using our expert services. We can negotiate exclusive deals with airlines, hotels and car hire providers specifically for your company or leverage our volume buying power either domestically or globally. We know the supplier products and deals we can implement for you depending on your company dynamics, whether you spend $25k or $25m a year.

We have saved clients double digit percentages on their entire travel program spend not just one airfare. Ask us for a full travel program analysis. 


Policy development balanced with proven technology

The key to an effective travel management program is to ensure that your policy and procedures are understood, compliance is achieved, processes are automated with proven technology when value is added, it covers your obligations to the National Health and Safety Legislation and that it is at the forefront on supplier deals and offers. Organisation's with strong policies do not roll out the latest technology if it is unproven, they do not get caught up in marketing hype that often is used to simply gain their business.

Travel Beyond can develop your policy from scratch or provide expert analysis on your existing policy to ensure it moves with the market and achieves your business travel and company macro objectives.

Tactical considerations could include but are not limited to:

  • Creating or reviewing current Travel Policy shortfalls
  • Improve processes with an Online Booking Tool (OBT)
  • Automate integration into expense management system
  • Automate usage of unused e-tickets
  • Behavioral reporting to control compliance
  • Executive level trend identification through our Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Full corporate travel supplier analysis
  • Corporate travel volume supplier rebates to your company
  • Due diligence: Corporate traveller health & safety complies with National OH&S Legislation
  • Dedicated full service consulting expertise
  • Plus many more tactics that we tailor for each individual client 


To find out how we can uncover double digit percentage savings on your spend contact or call:  +64 21 316 811